Sylvia Brewster

A Creative Spirit with Tech Experience

About Sylvia

Sylvia has been working in the Graphic Design field for over 20 years.
Sylvia Brewster Website Design Brooklyn Bridge Photo

From an Art Director for a Printing Company, a Designer and Production Artist in the Textile Garment Industry, an Art Specialist for Middle School to having her own Note Card, Custom Handmade Mirror and Freelance Website Designer Businesses, Sylvia is well versed in many areas of Graphic Design, the Arts and Business.


  • Website Design and Development

    8 Course Certificate approved by the NY State Department of Education



    Continuing Education

  • Computer Arts, HTML and Textile Design

    Continuing Education

  • Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

    Double Major: Fine Art and French Literature

  • Certificate of Horticulture

    Including Landscape Design