Sylvia Brewster

A Creative Spirit with Tech Experience


After discussing the goals and visions of the client, I can start with given images or create my own in Illustrator, Photoshop or by hand, incorporating matching font choices.


Logos are one of my favorite graphics to design, creating a strong, memorable and clear branding.

Business Cards

I specialize in unique, one of a kind business cards.

  • Sylvia Brewster Business Card Graphic Design Example-Jazzy Cazzy the Clown

    We did a photo shoot of the client in costume with her props, which I then translated the pictures into this original graphic illustration for her business card.

  • Sylvia Brewster Business Card Graphic Design Example-DJ Chero

    Yes, I did grow up learning how to scratch...

  • Sylvia Brewster Business Card Graphic Design Example-Palm Reader

    Using a font and visual effects to create an aura reminiscent of Tarot Card Palm Reading store fronts.

  • Sylvia Brewster Business Card Graphic Design Example-Palm Reader

    The client wanted a logo with the Brooklyn Landscape. So I hand drew in Illustrator classic Brooklyn architectural icons and experiences to create this logo, including the bicyclist with his guitar.


I can create any artwork to meet your graphic advertising needs. From digital advertising such as Facebook, Google, Yellow Pages, websites, newsletters, blogging to traditional print media of newspapers, magazines, flyers, postcards, brochures, I've got you covered.

  • Sylvia Brewster Graphic Design Google Ad Words Example-NYC Guitar School

    Google Ad Words

  • Sylvia Brewster Graphic Design Facebook Ad Example Park Picnic-YogaSole Yoga Studio

    Facebook Event Banner Ad

  • Sylvia Brewster Graphic Design Website Newsletter Ad Example Summer Sale-YogaSole Yoga Studio

    Website and Newsletter Ad